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A business college is a school that provides education above the high school level but could not be compared to that of a traditional university or college. Unlike universities and even junior and community colleges, business colleges typically train the student for a specific vocational aspect, usually clerical tasks such as typing, stenography or simple bookkeeping.

The goal of a business college is not to provide a thorough education, as is the model of modern universities in the liberal arts fields but rather to provide training for a very specific task. Traditionally, credits earned at a business college do not transfer to other universities and students cannot earn a bachelor's degree, though an associate degree is usually offered.

Business colleges have been finding more competition coming from community colleges which provide both vocational as well as liberal arts classes and are often able to offer the classes at a lower rate of tuition. Business colleges should not be confused with business schools which typically offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program after a student has completed a bachelor's degree.

Business colleges are sometimes also called proprietary colleges, especially when they grant associate degrees or higher.

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