Butte, America

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Butte, America
North American release poster
Directed by Pamela Roberts
Produced by Pamela Roberts
Jane Greenberg
Written by Eugene Corr
Edwin Dobb
Narrated by Gabriel Byrne
Music by Todd Boekelheide
Cinematography Erik Daarstad
Edited by Jennifer Chinlund
Rattlesnake Productions, Inc.
Release date
  • January 17, 2008 (2008-01-17)
Running time
67 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Butte, America is a 2008 documentary film about Butte, Montana's history as a copper mining town. It was created by Pamela Roberts, narrated by Gabriel Byrne, and includes a mix of first hand accounts and scholarly analysis from John T. Shea, Marie Cassidy, David Emmons, and Janet Finn.[1] The movie focuses on developments in American labor and production during the "dawn" of the electrical age in the 1880s when copper was discovered in Butte. The mining activity brought an influx of immigrant workers and their families to the boom town that grew to be a "Western" metropolis of 45,000 people forming a Rocky Mountain city that with similarities to Pittsburgh in the East.[1] Labor relations and the corporate operations of Anaconda Copper are also related.[1]

The film aired on the Independent Lens PBS show on October 20, 2009.[2]


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