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Founded 1919
Headquarters Boulogne-sur-Seine, Paris
Products Automobiles

The Butterosi was a French automobile manufactured between 1919[1] and 1924[2] in Boulogne-sur-Seine,[1] just 8.2 km (5 mi) west of central Paris,

The car featured a side-valve four-cylinder engine of 1327cc (12 HP)[2] and sat on a 2,600 mm (102.4 in) wheelbase.[1] Three different body styles were offered - a two-seater roadster, a tourer and a closed saloon.[3]

The Butterosi was not held in universally high regard: in his book French Vintage Cars, John Bolster writes "Some people think all vintage cars are good, which only proves that they have never owned a Butterosi!".[2]

In addition to assembling its own 12 HP model, Ponderosi was the French importer for American Mitchell cars from Wisconsin.[1]


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