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Butts Close is an 11-acre (45,000 m2) park in the town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire that used to once be a sporting ground for archery. The name refers to the archery butts that used to be on it during the Late medieval and Tudor times. During those years it was much larger but in the last centuries buildings such as a leisure centre and grammar school have been built on it. The remaining Butts Close is still used for modern fêtes and other special occasions though.

Facts and events[edit]

Henry VIII used to practice archery at Butts Close when he visited Hitchin.[citation needed]

Butts Close once had a tank in the middle of it to commemorate the First World War, but this was taken away during World War II and melted down.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 51°57′08″N 00°17′00″W / 51.95222°N 0.28333°W / 51.95222; -0.28333