Buzz Teeniez Awards

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Buzz Teeniez Awards
CountryKampala, Uganda
Reward(s)Human statue

Buzz Teeniez Awards is an annual award ceremony in Kampala, Uganda that was started in 2007 by a youth magazine called Buzz.[1] The Buzz Teeniez Awards are catered to teen viewers to honor the biggest achievers in television, music, gospel, Dee Jays, movies, Sports, Radio and more.[1]

Award Categories[edit]

The Teeniez Buzz Awards categories include: television, music, gospel, Dee Jays, movies, Sports, Radio and more.


  • Teeniez male artist
  • Teeniez female artist
  • Teeniez Hottest group/duo
  • Teeniez Best Album
  • Teeniez hottest Riddim
  • Teeniez Hood Rapper
  • Teeniez R&B Artist/Group
  • Teeniez Dancehall/Group
  • Teeniez Fresh/Breakout Artist


  • Teeniez Artist
  • Teeniez Song

Dee Jays[edit]

  • Teeniez Wickedest D.J.
  • Teeniez Beat Maker

Radio Industry[edit]

  • Teeniez Hottest Radio Personality
  • Teeniez Funkiest Radio Station

TV Industry[edit]

  • Teeniez TV Personality
  • Teeniez TV Drama/Soap/Local Show
  • Teeniez TV Station

Achievement Award[edit]

  • Teeniez Role Model
  • Teeniez Outstanding School
  • Teenie of the Year

Special Award[edit]

  • Extra Ordinary Achievement Award

Business World[edit]

  • Teeniez Best New Business/Campaign/Product
  • Business with the Dopest Customer Service

Past Winners[edit]

  • 2007 Winners
  • 2008 Winners
  • 2009 Winners
  • 2010 Winners
  • 2011 Winners[2]
  • 2012 Winners
  • 2013 Winners[3]


The Buzz Teeniez Awards have been criticized for describing a category as "riddim" and then failing to follow the meaning of "riddim" when picking past winners, and for including NTV and Hot 100, the award sponsors, as nominees.


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