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C. C. Lang & Son, a Baltimore-based pickle manufacturing company, was started in 1881.[1] Located in one of the chief canning cities of the United States, the pickle and kraut company supplied their own cucumbers through the Lang Farm, located in Glen Arm, Maryland.[2]

Started by German immigrant C.C. Lang, the business was passed down to Charles Gottlieb Lang, (1890–1956) who expanded the small business into an enterprise employing 700 persons in Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, and Michigan.

In the 1940s this "pickle-packing" industry was made up of about 300 pickle packers around the country. In addition to C.C. Lang & Son, these companies include the well known H. J. Heinz Company and Hunt Foods, as well as California Packing Corp, Green Bay Food Co, and Libby, McNeill & Libby just to name a few.[3]


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