C. E. Murphy

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C.E. Murphy
Catie Murphy.jpg
Murphy in 2005
Born (1973-06-01) June 1, 1973 (age 43)
Kenai, Alaska
Pen name Cate Dermody
Occupation Writer
Nationality American
Genre Science fiction, fantasy

C. E. Murphy (born June 1, 1973) is an American born author who writes in the fantasy and romance genres. She is the author of the Walker Papers series, The Negotiator Trilogy, and the Inheritor's Cycle as well as The Strongbox Chronicles which were written under a pseudonym. She has also written the graphic novel Take a Chance.


C. E. Murphy is an Alaskan-born[1] writer of fantasy novels, short stories and comic books. She has also written a romance novel trilogy under the pseudonym Cate Dermody, which was her grandmother's maiden name.[2][3] She currently lives in her ancestral homeland of Ireland. Along with writing, she has worked at various points as a library volunteer, archival assistant, cannery worker, and web designer. However writing is her primary hobby.[4]


Collection Luna de Harlequin.jpg

The Walker Papers[edit]

  • Urban Shaman (2005)
  • Thunderbird Falls (2006)
  • Coyote Dreams (2007)
    • Rabbit Tricks (2009, online)
  • Walking Dead (2009)
  • Demon Hunts (2010)
  • Spirit Dances (2011)
    • Easy Pickings (December 2011) (novella, co-author with Faith Hunter)
  • Raven Calls (2012)
    • No Dominion (April 2012) (novella)[5]
  • Mountain Echoes (January 2013)
  • Shaman Rises (July 2014, final book in the series)[6]
    • Spite House (July 26, 2016) (short story, co-author with Kat Richardson)

The Old Races Universe[edit]

The Negotiator Trilogy

  • Heart of Stone (2007)
  • House of Cards (2008)
  • Hands of Flame (2008)

Other Tales

The Inheritors' Cycle[edit]

  • The Queen's Bastard (2008)
  • The Pretender's Crown (2009)

The Strongbox Chronicles[edit]

written as Cate Dermody

  • The Cardinal Rule (2005)
  • The Firebird Deception (2006)
  • The Phoenix Law (2006)

The Worldwalker Duology[edit]

  • Truthseeker (2010)
  • Wayfinder (2011)

Other works[edit]

Short Stories



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