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C. intermedia may refer to:

  • Camissonia intermedia, the intermediate suncup, a plant species native to California and Baja California
  • Cattleya intermedia, the intermediate cattleya, an orchid species
  • Cavia intermedia, the Santa Catarina's Guinea pig or Moleques do Sul Guinea pig, a mammal species found in Brazil on the small island of Moleques do Sul in the state of Santa Catarina
  • Clathrina intermedia, a sponge species
  • Clidemia intermedia, a flowering plant species in the genus Clidemia
  • Corymbia intermedia, the pink bloodwood, a plant species native to Queensland and New South Wales
  • Crepis intermedia, the limestone hawksbeard, a flowering plant species native to western North America
  • Cryptantha intermedia, the common cryptantha, clearwater cryptantha and nievitas, a wildflower species native from British Columbia to Baja California
  • Cucullia intermedia, the dusky hooded owlet, intermediate cucullia, goldenrod cutworm or intermediate hooded owlet, a moth species found in North America
  • Cunninghamella intermedia, a fungus species
  • Cyclopia intermedia, the honeybush, a plant species used to make an infusion in the same manner as tea in the southwest and southeast of South Africa


  • Caecilia intermedia, a synonym for Caecilia nigricans, an amphibian species found in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama

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