CAM the Ram

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CAM the Ram
CAM the Ram CSU v NM 10-28-2006.jpg
University Colorado State University
Conference MWC
Description Rambouillet sheep
Origin of name contest
First seen 1947

CAM the Ram is a breed of sheep known as a Rambouillet sheep and is the mascot of the athletic teams of Colorado State University.[1] In 1946 an alumnus won a contest to name the mascot CAM, referring to the name of the school Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College.[1][2] The first school mascot was introduced in 1947. The 22nd version of CAM was also a Rambouillet sheep. It made over 250 appearances and was retired in 2010 at the age of seven.[3] The 23rd CAM has been chosen and will replace the current version in 2010.[3] CAM runs at the beginning and at half time during home football games. Currently, there are twelve Ram Handlers that take care of CAM the Ram. CAM the Ram (CAM 24) died on September 19, 2015, the day of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Showdown. The current CAM (CAM 25) is CAM 24's half-brother and was 6 months old when he made his first appearance.[4]

There is also a costumed CAM the Ram. The newest version was unveiled in October 2010.[5]


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