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CAN-BIKE is a Canadian cycling skills course offered across the country by Cycling Canada. It is a nationally standardized series of courses on all aspects of cycling safety oriented toward recreational and utilitarian cycling. The courses can be taught through a variety of organizations who are interested in education, safety and health.

In Toronto it is offered through the City of Toronto's Park and Recreation department. CAN-BIKE follows the basic philosophy of vehicular cycling, which owes much of its success to John Forester.

Courses offered[edit]

  • Kids CAN-BIKE - Bicycle basics for kids 9–13 years old.
  • CAN-BIKE Adult Learn to Ride - For adults who are just starting to bike.
  • CAN-BIKE 1 - For beginner cyclists
  • CAN-BIKE 2 - For experienced cyclists such as urban commuters
  • CAN-BIKE Cycle Touring - A special course focused on learning how to do long tours by bike
  • CAN-BIKE Cycling Freedom for Women - A cycling skills course for women and taught by women.

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