African Development Trophy

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CAR Development Trophy
SportRugby union
No. of teams16

The African Development Trophy is a rugby union tournament consisting of 16 teams played in the continent of Africa, formerly named the CAR Castel Beer Trophy. It is organised by the Confederation of African Rugby and is also known as the CAR Super 16. The tournament contains the teams in the second level of African rugby, below those playing in the Africa Cup. The competition is divided into north and south sections with two pools of four in each section. The winners of these pools will go on to play each other in the final where the winner of both north and south will be found.


Year Regional Winners Champion
North Section Central Section South Section
2004  Mali &  Nigeria  Botswana  Botswana
2005  Burkina Faso  Mauritius  Mauritius
2006  Niger  Tanzania  Tanzania
2007  Nigeria  Botswana
2008  Niger  Rwanda  Réunion
2009  Niger  Rwanda
2010  Algeria  Rwanda
2011 ? ? ?
2012 Cancelled
2013 ? ? ?
2014 Cancelled
2015 ? ? ?
2016 ? ? ?

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