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Full name Club Balonmano Alicante
Founded 1945[1]
Dissolved 1993
Arena Pitiu Rochel, Alicante,
Capacity 1,868
League Liga ASOBAL
1992–93 Liga ASOBAL, 6th
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Club Balonmano Alicante or Club Balonmano Calpisa was a Spanish handball team based in Alicante, Spain, that dominated the Spanish league along four years and reached four championships and three Spanish cups.

Most of their players joined the national side of Spain and sometimes there were 6 or 7 Calpisa members playing with Spain.

Club's name[edit]

Name Gap Total seasons
C.D. Obras del Puerto 1954–1972 18
Obras del Puerto Calpisa 1972–1974 2
C.B. Calpisa 1974–1981 7
C.B. Calpisa-Hércules 1981–1982 1
C.B. Tecnisa 1982–1985 3
C.B. Tecnisán 1985–1988 3
C.B. Helados Alacant 1988–1992 4
C.B. Alicante-Benidorm 1992–1993 1


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