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Marín Peixegalego
Marín Peixegalego logo
Nickname Peixes
Leagues LEB Oro
Founded June 23, 2003
Arena Pabellón de A Raña
Location Marín, Galicia, Spain
Team colors White and blue
Head coach Javi Llorente
Championships 1 LEB Plata
1 Copa LEB Plata
Website Official website

Club Baloncesto Peixefresco, also known as Marín Ence Peixegalego by sponsorship reasons, is a basketball team based in Marín, Galicia (Spain). The team currently plays in league LEB Oro.


CB Peixefresco played in Liga EBA until 2013, when, after playing its second promotion playoffs, it achieved a vacant berth in LEB Plata, the third tier.[1]

On 25 March 2016, Marín Peixefresco promoted to the second tier, LEB Oro, after finishing the season as champion of the LEB Plata and the Copa LEB Plata.[2]

The club ended its debut in LEB Oro in the last position, and was consequently relegated to LEB Plata. However, on 18 July 2017, the club announced it could not fulfill the requirements in the league and it would appeal against the decision of FEB.[3] However, the appelation was denied and the club finally registered in Liga EBA, fourth division.

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. W–L Cup competitions
2005–06 5 1ª División 3rd[a] 16–12
2006–07 5 Liga EBA 12th 10–16
2007–08 5 Liga EBA 9th 15–15
2008–09 5 Liga EBA 15th[b] 9–19
2009–10 4 Liga EBA 9th 14–14
2010–11 4 Liga EBA 2nd 20–6
2011–12 4 Liga EBA 4th 15–7
2012–13 4 Liga EBA 3rd[c] 17–6
2013–14 3 LEB Plata 11th 9–15
2014–15 3 LEB Plata 6th 17–14
2015–16 3 LEB Plata 1st 20–6 Copa LEB Plata C
2016–17 2 LEB Oro 18th[d] 8–26
  1. ^ Achieved a vacant berth in Liga EBA.
  2. ^ Remained in the league achieving a vacant berth.
  3. ^ Achieved a vacant berth in LEB Plata.
  4. ^ Demoted to Liga EBA after not being admitted in LEB Plata.

Trophies and awards[edit]




  • Javonte Green – 2016

Notable players[edit]

To appear in this section a player must have either:
  • Set a club record or won an individual award as a professional player.
  • Played at least one official international match for his senior national team or one NBA game at any time.
  • Dominican Republic José Acosta
  • Jamaica Garfield Blair


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