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CLC International
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Motto To make evangelical literature available to all nations
Formation 1941
Legal status mission
Purpose Christian literature distribution
Headquarters Sheffield, United Kingdom
Region served
Official language
International Director
Neil Wardrope
Main organ
International Council
over 800

CLC International is an International Christian Literature mission committed to the distribution of the Bible, Christian books and a variety of Christian media. CLC is short for "Christian Literature Crusade". CLC works in 58 countries and has more than 800 workers worldwide.[1] It is represented by more than 180 bookshops, 18 distribution warehouses and 18 publishing houses.


CLC was founded in 1941 in Colchester, England by Ken and Bessie Adams as “The Evangelical Publishing House”.[2][3] This publishing house worked actively even through the Second World War times. In 1944 appeared first departments out of England: in Australia and Canada. Next non-English CLC bookshops were founded in the United States and Dominica in 1947. After that, opening of new bookshops and Christian publishing houses took place almost every year.[4] Nowadays CLC International is established in 48 countries. It is represented by more than 170 bookshops, 18 distribution warehouses and 18 publishing houses.


The headquarters of CLC International are situated in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The CLC work in each country is set up independently. CLC departments are united by common vision, goals and International Constitution, however they are independent in realization of declared goals.

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