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CLP(R) is a declarative programming language. It stands for constraint logic programming (Real) where real refers to the real numbers. It can be considered and is generally implemented as a superset or add-on package for a Prolog implementation.

Example Rule[edit]

The simultaneous linear equations:

are expressed in CLP(R) as:

3*X + 4*Y - 2*Z = 8,
X - 5*Y + Z = 10,
2*X + 3*Y -Z = 20.

and a typical implementation's response would be:

Z = 35.75
Y = 8.25
X = 15.5



  • Joxan Jaffar, Spiro Michaylov, Peter J. Stuckey, Roland H. C. Yap: The CLP(R) Language and System. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 14(3): 339-395 (1992)

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