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Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) is a non-profit international development organization based in Washington, DC.[1] CNFA's mission is to increase and sustain rural incomes in less developed areas of the world by assisting farmers and rural entrepreneurs.[2] CNFA works in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, South and Central Asia, Africa, the Near and Middle East and the Caribbean to improve agricultural economies by:[1][3]

  • Strengthening market linkages
  • Building input supply networks
  • Promoting enterprise growth and development
  • Enabling agribusiness financing
  • Improving processing and marketing

CNFA receives funding from a variety of donors, including USAID, USDA, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.[4]


CNFA was founded in 1985 as the Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs.[1]

The Citizens Network's National Policy Roundtable Programs was focused on expanding grassroots dialogue on the U.S. stake in global economic growth to include women, minorities, farmers, agribusinesses and small- and medium- size companies.[5]

In 1993, CNFA began the Food Systems Restructuring Program, using USAID funds to bring about agricultural reform in the NIS (Post-Soviet states), and sent out its first international volunteers to Russia and the Ukraine.[5]

Having shifted its focus from fostering dialogue to using public funds to promote international development, the Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs legally changed its name to CNFA in September 2007.[6]

Current programs[edit]

CNFA is active in the following countries:

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