Consejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas

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Consejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas (CONAP)
Agency overview
Formed 1989
Jurisdiction Government of Guatemala
Headquarters 5 Avernida 6-06, Zona 1, Edificio IPM 5to., 6to. y 7mo. nivel, Guatemala City
Parent agency Presidency of Guatemala

The National Council of Protected Areas of Guatemala (in Spanish: Consejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas, CONAP) is a government agency responsible for the conservation, rehabilitation, and protection of Guatemala's natural resources and its biodiversity.[1][2]

Guatemalan System of Protected Areas[edit]

Under the authority of CONAP is the Guatemalan System of Protected Areas (in Spanish: Sistema Guatemalteco de Áreas Protegidas, SIGAP). SIGAP comprises all of the areas in Guatemala that are protected, such as parks and monuments. SIGAP was created with the goals of preserving, recovering, and protecting the natural resources and biological diversity of Guatemala.

SIGAP consists of 152 protected areas within the country. Specific categories of protection include national parks, biotopes, biosphere reserves, areas with several uses, forest reserves, natural monuments, cultural monuments, scenic routes and trails, marine parks, regional parks, recreational parks, and private nature reserves.


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