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Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography
Formation1979; 45 years ago (1979)[1]
PurposeThe COSIC research group provides a broad expertise in digital security and strives for innovative security solutions.[buzzword]
  • Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, 3001 Heverlee (Leuven)
LeaderBart Preneel
Ingrid Verbauwhede
Vincent Rijmen
Claudia Diaz
Nele Mentens
Fréderik Vercauteren
Nigel Smart
Main organ
KU Leuven

The Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography research group, commonly called COSIC, is a research group at the Department of Electrical Engineering of KU Leuven, which is headed by Bart Preneel.[2]


Research and expertise in digital security:[3]

  • Security architectures for information and communication systems
  • Cryptographic algorithms and protocols
    • Symmetric key
    • Public key
    • Post-quantum
  • Security for embedded systems
  • Privacy-preserving systems


  • Cloud
  • Automotive
  • Privacy
  • Data Protection
  • Trusted Systems
  • E-payments
  • E-documents
  • ...


One of the well-known successes is the selection of Rijndael as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Currently AES is used by millions of users in more than thousand products, such as the protection of US government information.

Research projects[edit]

COSIC has participated in over 50 European research projects.[1]


COSIC is part of the Smart Applications and Innovation Services of imec.[1]


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