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CR2 may refer to:

Biological/Medical terms[edit]

  • Second Complete Remission a prognostic term used frequently in oncology which designates a time when a cancer patient who relapsed after successful response (remission) to treatment is back to remission a second time.
  • Complement receptor 2, an immunological cell surface receptor for a complement component.
  • "Conserved Region 2" i.e. the Second conserved region. In some biological molecules e.g. Epstein–Barr virus EBNA-LP, Adenoviral E1A, Cytomegalovirus pM53 etc., a segmentwise numerical designation is used for alternating regions of highly conserved sequence interspersed with nonconserved regions. CR2 usually means the second conserved region from the N terminus. This term "CR" i.e. conserved region has somewhat similar meaning to "C" or constant used arbitrarily in some other molecules (e.g. Protein kinase C).

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