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CRA is the abbreviation for:

  • Cannabinoid receptor agonist, typically in reference to a synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist
  • Central retinal artery, branches off the ophthalmic artery, running inferior to the optic nerve within its dural sheath to the eyeball
  • Child Rescue Alert, the UK equivalent of AMBER alert
  • Country risk assessment, an analysis of investment risk in foreign countries
  • Custom Robo Arena, known in Japan as Gekitō! Custom Robo, a science fiction role playing game for the Nintendo DS
  • Corona Australis (constellation) or Corona Austrina, a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere

Civil rights[edit]


Credit reporting[edit]

  • Consumer reporting agency (UK), company that collects credit information
  • Credit rating agency (US), a company that assigns credit ratings for issuers of certain types of debt obligations as well as the debt instruments themselves

Job titles[edit]

  • Certified Radiology Administrator, designation is granted by the Radiology Administration Certification Commission to individuals who demonstrate skills and knowledge in the field of imaging administration
  • Certified Research Administrator, designation is granted in the United States by the Research Administrators Certification Council to individuals who demonstrate the knowledge necessary to serve as an administrator of professional and sponsored research programs
  • Clinical research associate or Clinical Research Assistant in clinical trial
  • Commander, Royal Artillery, a military appointment in Commonwealth infantry and armoured divisions in the 20th Century



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