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A crop is a plant grown and harvested for agricultural use.

Crop may also refer to:

  • Crop (anatomy), a dilation of the esophagus that stores and softens food
  • Crop (implement), a modified whip used in horseback riding or disciplining humans as punishment
  • Crop factor, a multiplier factor in digital imaging, compared to 35mm film camera focal length
  • Crop (hairstyle), a woman's short hairstyle
  • CROP (polling firm), a Canadian polling and market research company
  • Cropping (punishment), the removal of a person's ears as a punishment
  • Cropping (animal), cutting the ears of an animal shorter, usually trimming to shape the pinnae
  • Cropping (image), to remove unwanted outer parts of an image
  • Scrapbooking, also called cropping, the creation of cards and or scrap-books in unique and creative ways as a hobby

The acronym CROP may stand for:

See also[edit]

  • Docking (animal), sometimes called cropping, the removal of the tail of an animal