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The CR Society International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was previously known as the CR Society or Calorie Restriction Society. It is the fruit of the labor of several thousand workers who are practicing, supporting, and conducting research into calorie restriction as a means of slowing the aging process. In 1994, Brian M. Delaney, Lisa Walford, and Roy Walford, along with several others, founded CR Society International. The group sponsors conferences, funds anti-aging research, and offers practical guidance to its members. It is supported by membership fees and donations.

Calorie Restriction Society International members practice calorie restriction in a variety of ways. They recognize that other aspects of lifestyle such as exercise, food supplementation, composition of diet can affect the same physiological processes as calorie restriction. Lifestyle decisions are likely to either enhance the effects of calorie restriction or work against it. Society members strongly feel the need for answers about the effects of lifestyle choices. The Society is raising funds for a study designed to determine whether calorie restriction has the same effects on humans that it does on the wide variety of laboratory animals that have been tested and to use new analytic tools to establish genetic and cell-signaling profiles of human calorie restrictions and to correlate these profiles to commonly available clinical markers.

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