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The Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Féger, better known as CSTJF is the main technical and scientific research center of the French Oil group Total SA, situated in Pau, France.

About 2,000 people work at the site. It is composed of many small-sized buildings.

It hosts a big server part for storage and computing power required by the geophysics simulations. There are Windows servers, Unix and Linux servers. The total storage space is more than 70 terabytes[1].

There is a supercomputer named Pangea[2] with more than 110 000 Xeon processors, the calculator can theoritically with his new added power reach 6.7 petaflops.[3]

There is a fiber optic link between here and the Tour Coupole and Tour Michelet in Paris La Défense. It houses its own restaurant, and labs for research on petrol and gases. There is also a conference center capable of seating 100-200 people.

Located inside the CSTJF is the company CE (comité d'entreprise) : borrowing books, CDs, DVDs is possible for employees as well as buying tickets for concerts at reduced prices.

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