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Haifa cable car running between Mt. Carmel and Bat Galim

Cable cars in Haifa refer to two cable car systems in Haifa, Israel: A cable car on Mount Carmel that runs down the mountain to the Bat Galim promenade in the western part of the city, mainly used by tourists, and a cable car public-transport system planned for the southeastern part.

Commuter service[edit]

The Haifa cable car is part of the city's new public transport system, scheduled for completion along with the Metronit.[1] The route will run 4.4 kilometres from HaMifratz Central Bus Station at the foot of Mount Carmel to the Technion and then onto the University of Haifa. Most of the passengers are expected to be students. Total travel time from Check Post Junction to the University of Haifa is estimated at 17 minutes.[2] It is being built by the Yefeh Nof municipal transportation company.[3] The project cost an estimated 180 million NIS. It is part of a wider plan to address the traffic congestion in Haifa.

Tourist service[edit]

A cable car runs up and down the mountain from the top of the Carmel, opposite the Carmelite Monastery, to Bat Galim, offering a spectacular view of Haifa Bay and surroundings.[4]

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