Cadí Tunnel

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Cadí Tunnel
C-16 Km 130 Peatge del Tunel del Cadi (2).JPG
Toll barrier at the northern entrance of Cadí Tunnel.
Location Cerdanya and Berguedà, Catalonia, Spain
Coordinates Coordinates: 42°18′05″N 1°51′23″E / 42.30139°N 1.85639°E / 42.30139; 1.85639
Status Active
Route C-16
Start Urús, Cerdanya
42°20′6″N 1°50′15″E / 42.33500°N 1.83750°E / 42.33500; 1.83750 (Urús Portal)
End Guardiola de Berguedà, Berguedà
42°17′41″N 1°51′47″E / 42.29472°N 1.86306°E / 42.29472; 1.86306 (Guardiola de Berguedà Portal)
Opened October 30, 1984[1]
Vehicles per day 6679 (2010)[1]
Length 5026 m[1]

Cadí Tunnel (Catalan and Spanish: Túnel del Cadí) is a toll road tunnel in Catalonia, Spain, connecting the comarques of Cerdanya and Berguedà. The tunnel, with a length of 5 kilometers, is part of the C-16 highway and E-9, running under the Serra de Moixeró mountain range in the Pre-Pyrenees.[1][2] It is erroneously named for the Serra del Cadí mountain range, located nearby and, along with the Serra de Moixeró, part of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park.

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