Caerleon Endowed School

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The Endowed School
Caerleon Endowed School.JPG
Front view of school
Type School
Location Newport, Wales
Coordinates 51°36′37″N 2°57′22″W / 51.61018°N 2.956173°W / 51.61018; -2.956173Coordinates: 51°36′37″N 2°57′22″W / 51.61018°N 2.956173°W / 51.61018; -2.956173
OS grid reference ST 33885 90583
Built 1724
Listed Building – Grade II*
Official name: The Endowed School
Designated 11 July 1951
Reference no. 2984
Community Caerleon
Principal area Newport
Caerleon Endowed School is located in Newport, Wales
Caerleon Endowed School
Location in Newport

Caerleon Endowed School, (also known as The Endowed School, Caerleon, Caerleon Charity School, Williams Charity School and Caerleon Junior School)[1][2][3][4] is a junior school that was built in 1724 from a bequest from Charles Williams. The school became part of the state education system in 1948 under the 1944 Education Act.[1] The school was designated a Grade II* listed building in 1951.[1]

The bequest was for "30 boys and 20 girls of the poorer sort", but the trustees reduced this to 20 boys and 10 girls. From 1724 to 1948 the school had only nine headmasters.[1] The left and right wings of the buildings included houses for the school master and school mistress respectively.[3]

The Pevsner Guide describes the school as "educational bounty on an exceptional scale for the 18th century". The layout (a half H) become a model for later schools in Wales.[3]


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