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Caesar Rodney Institute
Flag of Delaware.svg
Motto Knowledge. Freedom. Prosperity.
Established 2008
President John E. Stapleford
Budget Revenue: $160,407
Expenses: $203,606
(FYE December 2014)[1]
Slogan "A Delaware Non-Profit Committed to Protecting Individual Liberty"
Location Delaware
Coordinates 39°37′03″N 75°45′27″W / 39.6176°N 75.7576°W / 39.6176; -75.7576Coordinates: 39°37′03″N 75°45′27″W / 39.6176°N 75.7576°W / 39.6176; -75.7576
Address 420 Corporate Blvd.
Newark, DE 19702

The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is an American nonprofit libertarian think tank located in Delaware.[2] It is a member of the State Policy Network.[3] According to the organization, it was founded "to be a counter-voice to the prevailing wisdom in Dover that raising taxes...and increasing spending, regulations, and central planning through state agencies were going to solve Delaware's fiscal and quality of life problems."[4]


The Caesar Rodney Institute's namesake

In 2010, CRI collaborated with and investigative reporter Lee Williams to publish a story documenting cronyism and waste in the Delaware Department of Insurance’s Captive Insurance Bureau.[5]

In February 2012, the Caesar Rodney Institute launched the Transparency Delaware website, which provides data on how the Delaware government spends tax money, with breakdowns by agency and person. Examples of information include state payrolls, and state vendor contracts, which shows to whom government contracts are given to and for how much.[6] Prior to the launch of Transparency Delaware, the Institute hosted government transparency information on its Delaware Spends website.[7]

In 2013, the Institute was part of a coalition that opposed President Barack Obama's nomination of Ron Binz to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.[8]


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