Café. Waiting. Love

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Café. Waiting. Love
Cafe Waiting Love poster.jpg
Directed byChiang Chin-lin
Screenplay byGiddens Ko
Based onCafé. Waiting. Love
by Giddens Ko
Produced byAngie Chai
Giddens Ko
StarringVivian Sung
Bruce Hung
Megan Lai
Marcus Chang
Pauline Lan
Lee Luo
Vivian Chow
CinematographyYang Fong-ming
Edited byIan Lin
Music byChris Hou
K4s Motion Studio
VieVision Pictures
Amazing Film Studio
Star Ritz Productions
Release date
  • August 15, 2014 (2014-08-15)
Running time
120 minutes
Box officeNT$37.1 million (Taipei)
HK$9.3 million (Hong Kong)

Café. Waiting. Love (Chinese: 等一個人咖啡; pinyin: Děng yīgè rén kāfēi; lit. 'Waiting For Someone, Coffee' is a 2014 Taiwanese romantic comedy film directed by Chiang Chin-lin, adapted from Giddens Ko's novel of the same name.[1] The film marks the first on-screen appearance of Vivian Sung.


Si-ying (Vivian Sung) is a university freshman who works part-time at a café. There, she met A Bu-si (Megan Lai), a professional coffee maker who can make any type of coffee according to a customer's order, the shop's proprietress (Vivian Chow) who is often quiet and alone, seated at a corner of her café most of the time, as well as Ze-Yu (Marcus Chang).

One day, Senior A-Tuo (Bruce Hung), a senior of Si-ying's who's pretty legendary in the university, came to the café with his friends where he met a lesbian who stole his girlfriend - A bu-si, by coincidence. As the friends kept teasing A-Tuo, Si-ying, full of helping and justice heart, helped A-Tuo out of the difficult situation. The two of them eventually became friends after several encounters. Senior A-Tuo is an optimistic person with a happy-go-lucky personality. Besides working part-time at a roadside stall, he also works for Bao Ge (Lee Luo), who was a movie director and now a mediator for gangs, as a cook at his restaurant. There, he got to know Aunt Jin-dao, Bao's wife, (Pauline Lan), and learned to cook a noodle dish from her. After Bao and his wife fell out due to a petty argument, she started up her own dry-cleaning shop which was where Si-ying first met with Aunt Jin-Dao.

Started out as acquaintances, Si-ying and A-Tuo become good friends with each other after hanging out for some time. A-Tuo started having feelings for Si-ying, but Si-ying only treated him as a friend whom she can confess any thinking in her heart openly, as she likes Ze-Yu. Later, Senior A-Tuo went backpacking overseas. It was during this period that Si-Ying realised that A-Tuo is the one whom she has been waiting for all along...




It has grossed NT$37.1 million in Taipei and HK$9.3 million in Hong Kong.[1]


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