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The Commercial and Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and various organizations. CAGE codes provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.

CAGE Codes are used internationally as part of the NATO Codification System (NCS), where they are sometimes called NCAGE Codes. CAGE codes are referenced in various databases of the NCS, where they are used along with the supplier's part number to form a reference which is held on the National Stock Number (NSN) record. This reference enables users of the NCS to determine who supplies any given part.

The information associated with the entities - name, address, phone numbers, etc. - is catalogued in the H4 and H8 Handbooks. The National Codification Bureau (NCB) of each NATO or NATO-sponsored Nation is responsible for maintaining the CAGE code information for entities in these respective countries.

Within the US, any organization wishing to be a supplier to the DoD is issued a CAGE Code by Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS), the organization serving as the US NCB. An entity issued a CAGE code must renew it every five years.[1]

CAGE is sometimes expanded as "Commercial Activity/Government Entity", "Contractor And Government Entity", or other, similar variations.

In the NCS metadata, the CAGE code's Data Record Number (DRN) is 9250 (or 4140 for NSCM); information listed under this DRN identifies very specifically the semantics of CAGE, its syntax, and the procedures associated with it.[2]


CAGE codes are all five characters in length.[3] There is no meaning encoded in the code itself, other than the underlying NCB; it is simply a unique identifier.[4] The Code Chart provided by the NATO AC/135 committee (the group of National Directors on Codification) provides the syntax of CAGE codes in various countries.[5]

Country Code Membership Starts With Ends With
NATO I or S or X #
Albania AL Member A H
Belgium BE Member B #
Bulgaria BG Member # U
Canada CA Member # or L #
Croatia HR Member A B
Czech Republic CZ Member # G
Denmark DK Member R #
Estonia EE Member # J
France FR Member F or M #
Germany DE Member C or D #
Greece GR Member G #
Hungary HU Member # V
Iceland IS Member S #
Italy IT Member A #
Latvia LV Member A D
Lithuania LT Member # R
Luxembourg LU Member B #
Netherlands NL Member H #
Norway NO Member N #
Poland PL Member # H
Portugal PT Member P #
Romania RO Member # L
Slovakia SK Member # M
Slovenia SI Member # Q
Spain ES Member # B
Turkey TR Member T #
United Kingdom GB Member U or K #
United States US Member # #
Afghanistan AF Tier 1 A Q
Argentina AR Tier 1 W #
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA Tier 1 A U
Brunei Darussalam BN Tier 1 A V
Chile CL Tier 1 A A
Colombia CO Tier 1 A Z
Egypt EG Tier 1 # D
Georgia GE Tier 1 A R
India IN Tier 1 # Y
Indonesia ID Tier 1 # Z
Israel IL Tier 1 # A
Japan JP Tier 2 J #
Jordan JO Tier 1 A X
Kuwait KW Tier 1 A K
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of MK Member A C
Montenegro ME Member A W
Morocco MA Tier 1 A M
Oman OM Tier 1 A E
Papua New Guinea PG Tier 1 A P
Peru PE Tier 1 A Y
Philippines PH Tier 1 # P
Saudi Arabia SA Tier 1 # E
Serbia RS Tier 1 A S
South Africa ZA Tier 1 V #
Sweden SE Tier 1 A N
Thailand TH Tier 1 # C
Tonga TO Tier 1 # T
Ukraine UA Tier 1 A J
United Arab Emirates AE Tier 1 # W
Australia AU Tier 2 Z #
Austria AT Tier 2 # N
Brazil BR Tier 2 # K
Finland FI Tier 2 A G
Korea, Republic of KR Tier 2 # F
Malaysia MY Tier 2 Y #
New Zealand NZ Tier 2 E #
Russian Federation RU Tier 2 A F
Singapore SG Tier 2 Q #
Fiji FJ Other # S
Pakistan PK Other A T

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