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Date 2007
Publisher Vertigo
Creative team
Writers G. Willow Wilson
Artists M. K. Perker
Letterers Travis Lanham
Editors Joan Hilty
Original publication
Date of publication November 7, 2007
ISBN 1-40121-734-6

Cairo is the first graphic novel of G. Willow Wilson with art by M.K. Perker, and published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics.[1]


The story is set in contemporary Cairo, and follows six characters as they are drawn into the intrigue surrounding a stolen hookah, a box containing East and the Under-Nile of legend.


  • Ashraf - A hash smuggling ring leader on the rafh pass.
  • Tova - An Israeli Army special forces soldier assigned to the border for her refusal to serve in the occupied territories.
  • Shaheed - A Lebanese-American would-be terrorist.
  • Shams - A centuries-old djinn, protector of a box containing East.
  • Jibreel - A dissident journalist often censored by the government.
  • Kate - A somewhat naive American tourist and aspiring journalist.
  • Nar - Crime lord and magician.
  • Iblis - The Devil.
  • Ta'abatta Sharran - A spirit inhabiting the city's ruins, appears as a bearded man wrapped in two great snakes. Based on the similarly named Meccan poet.


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