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The Cajanus family is an ancient Finnish clerical family that has produced numerous clergymen, government officials, and academics. Count Per Brahe nominated the progenitor of the family, a local nimismies Anders Eriksson Hjerta (Cajanus), to serve as Baron and bailiff of his fiefdom of Kajaani. His sons became pastors in neighbouring parishes and family assumed a Latin surname according to the town of Kajaani.

Members of this family include:

  1. Anders Cajanus
  2. Daniel Cajanus (1703-1749) a world-famous giant who was a member of royal courts and performed in England and Holland.
  3. Juhana Cajanus (1655–1681), professor, author of first Finnish-language hymn (still in use), graduated with an M.A. from Uppsala in 1679, appointed as professor of philosophy at Turku Academy in 1680.
  4. Erik Cajanus (1658-1723), Priest of Paltamo
  5. Juhana Fredrik Cajan (1815–1887)
  6. Robert Kajanus (1856–1933), Finnish conductor and composer
  7. Werner Cajanus (1878-1919), professor and inventor, first professor of forest inventory in Finland[1]


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