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Cal Henderson
Cal Henderson CC-BY.jpg
Born Callum James Henderson-Begg
17 January 1981 (1981-01-17) (age 36)
Nationality British
Occupation computer programmer, author

Callum James Henderson-Begg (born 17 January 1981), known as Cal Henderson, is a British computer programmer and author based in San Francisco. He was educated at Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College.[1]

He is best known for being the cofounder and CTO of Slack (software), as well as co-owning and developing the online creative community B3ta[2] with Denise Wilton and Rob Manuel; being the chief software architect for the photo-sharing application Flickr[3] (originally working for Ludicorp[4][5] and then Yahoo) and writing the book Building Scalable Web Sites[6] for O'Reilly Media. He has also worked for EMAP[6] and is responsible for writing City Creator[7] among many other websites, services and desktop applications. Cal was the co-founder and VP of engineering at Tiny Speck,[8] the company whose internal tool transitioned into Slack (software).

He is color blind, and has worked on applications to make the web more accessible to the color blind.[9] He is also a frequent contributor to open source software projects and runs a number of utility websites, such as Unicodey, to make certain programming tasks easier.


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