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Calcialiment factory
Calcialiment Logo.jpg

Calcialiment[1][2][3] is an animal feed producer based in Brittany.


Calcialiment was founded in 1930 in Brittany. As a family business specialising in animal nutrition, the company has developed around 3 core areas: minerals for producing livestock farmers, infancy feed, and premix for industrial farmers.

1935: Théophile Lognone, a hen farmer in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay area, noticed that the eggs produced by his hens were stronger and hatched better when he gave them bits of shell to peck. His discovery earned him the first prize at the 1936 Ministry of Agriculture Competition.

1937: He set up a company that specialised in feed for laying hens.

1952: His sons Pierre and Xavier shifted the company’s activity towards mineral feed for pigs and, in 1955, created the first Breton “Piétrain” breed pig farm.

Nowadays, Calcialiment is managed by Yves Reneaume and François Lognone; the historical owner is the company president. The company employs 100 people, working at 4 production sites. Calcialiment has expanded to operate at the national level.

DLG Group[edit]

Calcialiment-Vilofoss[4] is owned partly by Vitfoss and by DLG,[5] which is one of the biggest premix producers in Europe.


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