California Prison Moratorium Project

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The California Prison Moratorium Project is a grassroots organization co-founded by Dr. Ruth Gilmore, involved in Prison Abolition through Critical Resistance, and Ernesto Saveedra, a youth advocate, for the purpose of stopping "all public and private prison construction in California."[1] Over its activist life, the CPMP has partnered with a number of groups including Critical Resistance, The California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB), and many other abolitionist organizations to move forward in their goal of halting any erection of additional penal facilities within the state of California.[2][3] An example of their collective success is demonstrated in such cases as the 2001 prevention of a new Delano Prison where anti-prison activists such as the CPMP swayed public opinion away from yet another jail.[4]


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