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Calling features[edit]

Calls are routed according to the setting up of calling features within the given system. Common examples of Calling Features include:

  • Translation – The automatic routing of inbound calls from one telephone number to another.
  • Hunt Group – A directory containing one or many destination numbers which, on receiving an incoming call, is programmed to ring them in a particular order, simultaneously or simply in the order in which they have most recently answered before being sent to a final destination if still unanswered.
  • Call Queue – A directory similar to a Hunt Group that keeps the caller on hold until one of the destination numbers becomes available.
  • Auto Attendant – A large directory of extension numbers which can be chosen by the caller, each with its own specific routing behaviour.
  • Location-based routing – Rules programmed in at particular points in a system to route the call on to different destinations depending on the location of the caller.
  • Time and Date-Based Routing – Rules programmed in at particular points in a system to route the call on to different destinations depending the time or date of the call.
  • Call Whisper – A message played to an agent after answering a call that can give them information about the call in advance based on the Caller ID, number dialled or route taken through the system.
  • Interactive voice response – A sound recording device to allow a caller to give information to the system verbally about what services or support they require.
  • Fax to Email – A Device for routing inbound fax calls to one or more email addresses, usually as attachments.

Call records[edit]

Systems often retain information about received calls which can be stored, analysed and interpreted by the system administrator.

  • Call Detail Records (CDRs) – Records of all received calls, usually including time, date, duration, calling number and called number. Hosted services can also show pricing information.
  • Call Recording – Many systems have the ability to record and store calls for future reference.
  • Voice and Fax Mailboxes – Inbound faxes and voicemail messages can be stored on systems also.

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