Calle Schewens vals

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"Calle Schewens vals"
Calle Schewens vals (label).jpg
1936 grammophone record
Song by Evert Taube
Published 1931 (1931)
Released 1932 (1932)
Songwriter(s) Evert Taube

Calle Schewens vals (Calle Schewen's waltz) is a 1932 Swedish waltz written by Evert Taube.

When Taube wanted to be member of the secret society Pelarorden in 1931, he was stumped until Albert Engström ordered him to write a song about the "Stockholm archipelago, summer air, and darkening nights in July at Roslagen". Carl von Schewen, who also was member of Pelarorden, was immortalized as Calle Schewen. The song was published in the songbook Den Gyldene Fredens folianter in 1934.[1]

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