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Calshot Activities Centre is located on Calshot Spit near Southampton. Indoor facilities include a velodrome, dry ski slope and climbing wall.


Calshot velodrome with Woolwich CC cyclists riding round banking (March 2013).

Calshot Velodrome is the oldest indoor cycling venue in the UK.[1] It is located inside an old aircraft hangar, is unheated and has a reputation for being rather cold.[2] The current wooden velodrome was built in 1996 to replace an older slightly smaller wooden track.[3]

The former wooden track was a shortened version of the London six-day racing track used at Earls Court in 1967 (not to be confused with a similar track used at Wembley from 1968 to 1980).[4]

The current track is 142.85 metres long with bankings of 45° and straights at approximately 20°.

Calshot Winter Track League, run under British Cycling rules, is held weekly from October to February.[1]


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