Camaquã River

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Camaquã River
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Camaquã River is located in Brazil
Camaquã River
Mouth location in Brazil
Native nameRio Camaquã  (Portuguese)
Physical characteristics
 • locationRio Grande do Sul state
 • location
Lagoa dos Patos
 • coordinates
31°16′18″S 51°45′55″W / 31.271544°S 51.765300°W / -31.271544; -51.765300Coordinates: 31°16′18″S 51°45′55″W / 31.271544°S 51.765300°W / -31.271544; -51.765300

The Camaquã River (Portuguese pronunciation: [kamakuˈɐ̃ or kamaˈkwɐ̃]) is a river of Rio Grande do Sul state in southern Brazil.

The delta of the river, where it empties into the Lagoa dos Patos, is protected by the 7,993 hectares (19,750 acres) Camaquã State Park, created in 1975.[1]

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