Camas Creek (Clark and Jefferson counties, Idaho)

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Camas Creek
Country United States
State Idaho
Counties Clark County, Idaho, Jefferson County, Idaho
 - location near Kilgore, Clark County, Idaho
 - elevation 6,287 ft (1,916 m) [1]
 - coordinates 44°21′52″N 111°53′36″W / 44.36444°N 111.89333°W / 44.36444; -111.89333 [2]
Mouth Mud Lake
 - location northeast of Mud Lake, Jefferson County, Idaho
 - elevation 4,783 ft (1,458 m) [2]
 - coordinates 43°53′24″N 112°21′32″W / 43.89000°N 112.35889°W / 43.89000; -112.35889Coordinates: 43°53′24″N 112°21′32″W / 43.89000°N 112.35889°W / 43.89000; -112.35889 [2]
Length 63 mi (101 km) [3]
Basin 1,011 sq mi (2,618 km2) [4]
Camas Creek is the easternmost of Idaho's lost streams
Location of the mouth of Camas Creek in Idaho

Camas Creek is a 63-mile (101 km) long[3] tributary of Mud Lake in the U.S. state of Idaho. Beginning at an elevation of 6,287 feet (1,916 m)[1] near Kilgore in northeastern Clark County, it flows southwest into Jefferson County and receives its largest tributary, Beaver Creek. It then passes through the Camas National Wildlife Refuge, and reaches its mouth northeast of the town of Mud Lake,[5] at an elevation of 4,783 feet (1,458 m).[2] Camas Creek has a 1,011-square-mile (2,618 km2) watershed.[4]

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