Cambridge Main Street Bridge

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Cambridge Main Street Bridge
Cambr Main st bridge.jpg
Cambridge Main Street Bridge
Coordinates43°21′32″N 80°19′00″W / 43.3588°N 80.3166°W / 43.3588; -80.3166Coordinates: 43°21′32″N 80°19′00″W / 43.3588°N 80.3166°W / 43.3588; -80.3166
CarriesMotor vehicles
Pedestrians and bicycles
CrossesGrand River
LocaleCambridge, Ontario
DesignBowstring arch bridge
Total length57.3 m (188 ft)
DesignerArchibald C. Crealock
OpenedDecember 22, 1931; 87 years ago (December 22, 1931)
TollFree both ways

The Cambridge Main Street Bridge is a concrete bowstring arch bridge located in Cambridge, Ontario. It cost approximately $55,000 and was built by W.H. Yates Construction Company Limited, with Archibald C. Crealock listed as the principle designer. Construction lasted throughout 1931 and the official opening was held on December 22, 1931.

The bridge has a total length of 57.3 meters (188 feet) and runs from the Melville Street portion of Queens Square on the west side of Galt to Water Street on the east side. There is a single support in the middle, resulting in two spans of approximately 28 meters (92 feet).[1] There are two lanes for vehicular traffic and sidewalks on either side for pedestrians.


The interwar period was a time of increased wealth and population growth in southern Ontario. As a result, the number of automobiles on the roads surged drastically, which created a need for updated roadways and increased means of crossing the Grand River. To meet this need, four bridges were built in the area: this bridge, the Freeport Bridge and Bridgeport Bridge in Kitchener, and the Caledonia Bridge (now renamed) in Caledonia.

On August 19, 1982, it was designated as a historic place under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act (By-law 2225) and given Municipal ID (IDM) number 10817. It is also listed on the Ontario Heritage Bridge list.[1]

In 2009, the bridge underwent repairs and reconstruction. It re-opened to the public in July, 2009.[2]


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