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Ground information
LocationAyr, Scotland
Coordinates55°25′49″N 4°38′20″W / 55.4302°N 4.6389°W / 55.4302; -4.6389
Establishment1958 (first recorded match)
Team information
Scotland (1958–1985)
Ayr Cricket Club (1931-1996)
As of August 19 2014
Source: Ground profile

Cambusdoon was a cricket ground in Ayr, Scotland. The ground was used by Ayr Cricket Club until the club moved from the ground in 1997 to the purpose built Cambusdoon New Ground.[1]

The first recorded match held on the ground was in 1931 when Ayr Cricket Club played against Kelburne Cricket Club.[2] First first-class match played the grounds when Scotland played against Ireland in 1958.

A further first-class match was played there when Scotland played Ireland in 1974.[3] The ground held its final recorded match in 1990 when Scotland Under-23s played Ireland Under-23s.[4]


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Coordinates: 55°25′49″N 4°38′20″W / 55.4302°N 4.6389°W / 55.4302; -4.6389