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noble family
Van Camminga wapen.svg
Country Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands
Founded 16th century
Founder Rienck Cammingha
Ethnicity Frisian

Van Cammingha is an old Frisian noble family and their house from the Dutch province of Friesland. The family castle in Ballum is now the location of the town hall.


The oldest known ancestor is one Rienck Cammingha who lived in the first part of the 16th century. Different scions of the family lives on the family estate Wiarda in Goutum near the city of Leeuwarden. The family have played an important role in the Dutch history since the early 17th century. Since 1814 the family belongs to the Dutch nobility with the title of Jonkheer.


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  • The coat of arms of the family is the emblem of the football club Cambuur, SC Cambuur.
  • The coat of arms is an example of canting arms, since in Dutch "kam" means comb.

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