Camp Blood 2

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Camp Blood 2
Directed by Brad Sykes
Produced by David S. Sterling
Written by Brad Sykes
Starring Jennifer Ritchkoff
Garrett Clancy
Missy Rae Hansen
Ken X
Mark Overholt
Jane Johnson
Timothy Patrick
Courtney Burr
Lisa Marie Bolick
Tim Sullivan
Brannon Gould
Natasha Corrigan
Leana Masiello
Bret Ellington
Music by Ghost
Cinematography Jeff Leory
Edited by Jeff Leroy
Distributed by Sterling Entertainment
Release date
Running time
75 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Camp Blood 2 is a 2000 horror film, and sequel to Camp Blood. The film was directed by Brad Sykes and produced by David S. Sterling. It was followed in 2005 by Within the Woods.


Some time after the events of the first movie film maker Worthy Milligan decides to shoot a film based upon the murders and hires Tricia, the traumatized sole survivor of the massacre, as a technical advisor. However, once Tricia, Milligan and the rest of the cast and crew trek into the woods, the nightmare becomes all too real as the clown reappears and begins to butcher the hapless crew members.

After most of the cast and crew have been killed over, Tricia is captured by the killer who reveals herself to be Adrienne, who is the sister of Harris, the perpetrator of the original killings, who blames Tricia for the death of Harris. As the two wrestle, Tricia uses a lighter to set the gasoline soaked Adrienne on fire. During their final struggle, Tricia retrieves Adrienne's machete and slashes her neck open. Adrienne gives Tricia her mask before she dies of her wounds and Tricia flees carrying the mask and machete.


Digital Retribution gave the film a negative review, writing, "Boring, pretentious, pompous and featuring a disappearing clown on fire, there's little reason to watch this. Actually, the only reason to watch is that glorious quote about juice and killer clowns, and since you've already read it, there's now no reason to waste your time on this dreck."[1]


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