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Camp Harding was a 1922 United States Marine Corps encampment on the Gettysburg Battlefield for the[1] Marine Expeditionary Force which conducted maneuvers and a reenactment of Pickett's Charge.[2] The camp was on the east slope of Seminary Ridge[3] and used the area between the Emmitsburg Road and West Confederate Avenue (a large open air theater was at the Virginia Monument).[4]

Simulated battle[edit]

At 10:30 a.m. on July 4, 1922, Camp Harding Marines conducted a simulated battle with 2 tanks (one with machine gun, the other with 1 pound rifle) advancing on a machine gun nest, four aircraft, and a hydrogen balloon which was shot with an incendiary round (the observer dropped from the basket using a parachute).[3] An artillery duel was also conducted.[5] The advance…stopped at the roadway…At 11:20…assembly call was sounded by the bugler … staged on last Saturday for the President… Medal of Honor ribbon, Capt Robert C. Carter…in the defense of the [Cemetery] Ridge…Marines camped on the side of Seminary Ridge.[3]


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