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Camp Polk Kiosk

Camp Polk was a former army camp in the U.S. state of Oregon that was established in Deschutes County in 1865.[1] It was a post of the District of Oregon. One of nine camps created during a time of conflict between settlers and Native Americans, it was located three miles northeast of the present-day city of Sisters.[2] The camp was intended to house troops who would protect settlers on the Santiam Wagon Road from Indian attack.[1] Part of Company A, a group of volunteer soldiers from the Willamette Valley under the command of Captain Charles La Follette, were stationed at the post.[2] The camp was named for Polk County, which was the home of most of the soldiers and their captain.[3] No attacks occurred, and the troops received orders before winter in 1865 to leave the camp.[2] A portion of the troops remained at the post until the spring of 1866 when Camp Polk was abandoned.[1][2]

Later the area was homesteaded by the Hindman family.[3] Today part of the former area of Camp Polk is preserved by the Deschutes Basin Land Trust as the Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.[3] The Hindmans' 1871 barn on the preserve is Deschutes County’s oldest structure.[3]


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