Camp Quality

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Camp Quality
Founded 1983
Founder Vera Entwistle
Focus Families of children with cancer
Origins Sydney, Australia

Camp Quality is a children’s family cancer charity established in 1983 by Vera Entwistle in Sydney, Australia to provide a support network for children living with cancer and their families.[1]

The name of the organization was sourced from a conversation with a pediatric oncologist, who told Entwistle that "No one can do anything about the quantity of life, but we all can do something about the quality."[2]

Entwistle later introduced Camp Quality to several countries, including the United States[3] and Canada.[4]

Camp Quality also runs an educational puppet show program to help children understand what it is like to have cancer. The program is intended to prevent children from bullying and mistreating children with cancer.[5]


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