Campo de O'Donnell

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Campo de O'Donnell
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Full name Campo de O'Donnell
Location Madrid, Spain
Capacity 5,000
Opened 1912
Closed 1923
Real Madrid C.F. (1912–1923)

Campo de O'Donnell was a multi-use stadium in Madrid, Spain. It was initially a field (campo) in the area of O'Donnell, next to the main bulevard called Calle de O'Donnell, [1] and after become the home stadium of Real Madrid C.F. since 1912.

In 1923 Real Madrid C.F. moved on Campo de Ciudad Lineal and Campo de O'Donnell was closed. The capacity of the stadium was 5,000 spectators.

Campo de O'Donnell hosted 4 finals : 1908 Copa del Rey Final, 1909 Copa del Rey Final, 1913 FEF Copa del Rey Final, 1918 Copa del Rey Final.

Not to be confused with Campo de O'Donnell (Atletico Madrid), which had same name and it was situated 200 meters away on the same boulevard. [2]

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