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Canada may refer to a number of ships

Sailing ships:

  • Canada (1786 ship), a ship launched as Adriatic in 1782, renamed in 1786 to Canada, that served as a whaling and seal hunting ship until she was wrecked 1800
  • Canada (1800 ship), a 393-ton merchant and convict transport built in 1800 at Shields and last listed in 1832
  • Canada (1819), a 216-ton ship built in 1819 at Sunderland
  • Canada (1823), a 528-ton ship built in 1823 at New York
  • Canada (1831), a 330-ton ship built in 1831 at Greenock
  • Canada (1838), a 532-ton barque built in 1838 at Maryport
  • Canada (1839), a 282-ton snow built in 1839 at Sunderland
  • Canada (1891), a 2,301-ton full rigged ship built in Kingsport, Nova Scotia in 1891 and broken up in 1926.