Canoeing at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Women's K-1 500 metres

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The women's K-1 500 metres event was an individual kayaking event conducted as part of the Canoeing at the 1984 Summer Olympics program.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Agneta Andersson (SWE)  Barbara Schüttpelz (FRG)  Annemiek Derckx (NED)



Eleven competitors entered in two heats on August 6. The top three finishers from each of the heats advanced directly to the final while the rest competed in the semifinal.

Heat 1
1.  Agneta Andersson (SWE) 2:03.99 QF
2.  Elizabeth Blencowe (AUS) 2:05.51 QF
3.  Tecla Marinescu (ROU) 2:05.72 QF
4.  Shelia Conover (USA) 2:06.89 QS
5.  Lesley Smither (GBR) 2:10.81 QS
6.  Ho Kim Fai (HKG) 2:30.96 QS
Heat 2
1.  Barbara Schüttpelz (FRG) 2:02.14 QF
2.  Béatrice Basson (FRA) 2:03.61 QF
3.  Annemiek Derckx (NED) 2:04.75 QF
4.  Lucie Guay (CAN) 2:06.94 QS
5.  Ingeborg Rasmussen (NOR) 2:09.33 QS


The top three finishers in the semifinal (raced on August 8) advanced to the final.

1.  Lucie Guay (CAN) 2:03.73 QF
2.  Shelia Conover (USA) 2:03.79 QF
3.  Lesley Smither (GBR) 2:03.80 QF
4.  Ingeborg Rasmussen (NOR) 2:04.46
5.  Ho Kim Fai (HKG) 2:30.40


The final was held on August 10.

Gold  Agneta Andersson (SWE) 1:58.72
Silver  Barbara Schüttpelz (FRG) 1:59.93
Bronze  Annemiek Derckx (NED) 2:00.11
4.  Tecla Marinescu (ROU) 2:00.12
5.  Béatrice Basson (FRA) 2:01.21
6.  Shelia Conover (USA) 2:02.38
7.  Lucie Guay (CAN) 2:02.49
8.  Elizabeth Blencowe (AUS) 2:02.63
9.  Lesley Smither (GBR) 2:04.09

Andersson earned three medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics with two golds and one silver. She credited her switch to organic foods though the 1984 Summer Olympics boycott led by the Soviet Union was a factor.