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Cansei (I'm tired) was a protest-movement organized by high-profile society in Brazil about lack of ethics in politics and government in Mensalão scandal and 2006–2007 Brazilian aviation crisis. Cansei failed to get large appeal.



The members of "Cansei" are popularly known as "cansados" (the tired ones). Below follows a list of members as published in the official page of the organization:[1]

Confused as member

  • Daniela Mercury, singer and songwriter. Mercury's involvement with "Cansei" was denied by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo.[2]


Over sixty organizations are currently affiliated with "Cansei".[3] Among them, the OAB sections of São Paulo, Distrito Federal and Mato Grosso do Sul, the Regional Council of Engineers and Architects, the Brazilian Association of Odontology, the ABERT, the Federation of the Industries of São Paulo, the Regional Council of Medicine, the Brazilian Alliance for Organ and Tissue Donations, the Association of Military Police Officers of São Paulo, among others.